20 Reasons not to abandon the housing market

Click here to read an interesting article from Independent Economist about why you shouldn’t abandon the housing market. Independent economist Tony Alexander says there are plenty of reasons for investors not to leave the housing market. ...

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Get your Lawyer to talk to your Accountant

When you go and see your Lawyer to get their assistance with a financial matter always insist that your lawyer picks up the phone and checks it off with your Accountant from a financial, accounting and tax perspective. Often Accountants have to try and fix up a mess after a financial transaction has been made and often that mess could have ...

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Here are some testimonials we’d like to share with you from our happy clients

Really kind and willing to help go through things with you when you don't understand things. Really helpful. Small Business Owner - Palmerston North Stephen and his staff very professional and honest with their work and advice. We can only say that we don’t believe we could be in better hands. Family Trust - Palmerston North Good response and service. Rental Property Owner - Palmerston ...

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The Secret of Customer Service

Recently I had a young guy who was starting his own business ask me if I had any secret’s as to how to be successful in business. I told him there are lots of secrets about that but one really really important secret is to provide excellent customer service. And to provide excellent customer service is actually easier than you might think. ...

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Checkable is here and you’ll love what it will do for your business

Checkable has arrived - Digital Boost’s new website diagnostic tool helps business owners like you to better understand your online presence. Developed by MBIE, it is safe, fast and completely free. Digital Boost's newest tool, Checkable, is like a Warrant of Fitness for your online presence. It checks your website, social media, marketing, security and e-commerce, and lets you know what's ...

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