Tax Publications

The following publications are available for you to download relating to the following topics - this saves you having to search through multitudes of information from Government websites.


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IR 365 - GST do you need to register?

Find out whether YOU need to register for GST.
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IR 360 - GST Registration Form

This is the form you should complete when registering for GST
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IR 375 - GST Guide

Your guide to help you work with GST...


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IR 333 - A Guide to Employing

Information you'll need if you're thinking of taking on staff for the first time
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IR 334 - Employer Registration Form


This is the form you should complete when registering to become an employer
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IR 330 - Tax Code Declaration Form

This form must be completed by each individual you employ and then must be kept by you with your other business records.

Other Business Taxes

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IR 283 - RWT on Interest, Payer's Guide

Information about RWT for people and organisations who pay interest
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IR 409 - Fringe Benefit Tax Guide

Provide fringe benefits for your employees? This guide contains info you probably should know...

Business Expenses

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IR 260 - Depreciation Guide

A depreciation guide for businesses
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IR 268 - Entertainment Expense Guide

A guide to tax treatment of business entertainment expenses

Personal Taxation Information

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IR 240 - Taxpayer Obligations, Interest and Penalties

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IR 280 - Putting your Tax Returns right

Accidental filing of an inaccurate Tax Return? This helpful booklet published by the IRD will help you put it right
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IR 289 - Provisional Tax Guide

A guide to understanding your provisional tax
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IR 313 - Buying & Selling Residential Property

What you need to know about you tax obligations
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IR 586 - Automatic Payment Authority

Wanting to pay your income tax by small weekly instalments instead of large lump sums? Fill out this form and take it to your bank...