Tax Talk Newsletter Winter 2021

Know the bright line test  The last National Government introduced a so-called “bright line test” for people who sold residential property after owning it for only a short time. They said the property had to be owned for two years or the profit would be taxable. The last Labour Government increased this to five years, and increased it again – to 10 ...

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Tax Talk Newsletter Autumn 2021

Tax shakeup for business sales Proposals in the new tax Act will mean sellers of a business must notify buyers and Inland Revenue about the amounts they have allocated for various assets. If they don’t do this there will be rules about how this is to be handled. Also, Inland Revenue will be able to interfere with the figures, if it thinks the ...

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Tax Talk Newsletter Summer 2021

Be realistic with social media  expectations You’re starting out in business, or maybe you’ve been in business a while but everyone is saying you need to have a social media presence. If you agree, and if you’re a small business, you have to be realistic in what you can do with social media. The first rule is not to overdo the number of ...

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Tax Talk Newsletter Spring 2020

Boss burnout: Spot warning signs in yourself From workloads to wellbeing, the COVID-19 pandemic poses many challenges.As a small business owner or manager, it’s important to keep an eye on your stress levels. Learn to spot warning signs and pick up tips to improve your wellbeing. Your health and happiness - and your business - will benefit.No matter how COVID-19 ...

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Tax Talk Newsletter Winter 2020

Time to collect debts We all have a lot of sympathy for the many businesses destroyed by the Draconian measures taken to stamp out Covid-19 from New Zealand. We have suddenly moved into a new business environment. There are going to be those walking a tightrope to survival. Others will desperately try to trade with no real hope of their business recovering. ...

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