PROHUB Business Management Online

PROHUB Business Management Software

PROHUB Business Management Online is a cloud based tool to help your manage your business better and become more profitable.

Currently this tool incorporates a CRM and a Time & KPI Recording System all on the one website. We plan to add more exciting features in the near future with our goal being to enable you to manage all aspects of your business entirely from one website.

All of the features are available for $20.00 (inc GST) per month. And with unlimited users, no fixed term contracts, secure data storage, 24/7 access, easy to use, this system is one your business cannot be without.

Request a free 30 day trial today and start to reap the benefits of the cloud for your business straight away.

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PROHUB CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System available online on our website.

Our CRM has been designed to ensure that you don’t miss out on any Sales opportunities in your business. The Follow-up feature is a central part of the system and ensures that all of your leads and prospects are followed up and managed so that no opportunity slips by. Easy to understand Dashboards and reports enable you and your team to maximise your profitability.

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PROHUB Time Recorder

The PROHUB TIME+KPI RECORDER system allows you to record your staff timesheets online and give you real-time reporting on the productivity of your staff. By enabling you to increase your staff productivity this will enable you to increase your business’s profits. Every business needs to be recording what it’s staff are doing in order to increase productivity and increase profits.

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