What to think about before you start contracting

There are many benefits to working as a contractor — it can pay better than doing a similar salaried job and be more flexible. But there are hidden costs to think about, too. Here’s where you’ll find tips, information and common mistakes to help you decide if going contracting is for you. What is a contractor? Being a contractor means you: are self-employed choose ...

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Working solo: Tips to stay mentally well

If you work alone or in a small team, it can be easy to neglect your own wellbeing. Here are some ways to keep you feeling well and connected. Working on your own Working for yourself can have its advantages. It can offer the flexibility to choose where and when you work, and the ability to call your own shots. But in ...

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Personal Information: What it is and how to protect it

All businesses collect information about people they work with or for, eg staff, suppliers, customers. New privacy laws may affect how you collect and store personal information. But what makes information personal?The Privacy Act is changing. If you collect, store or use personal information about employees or customers, you need to know about these changes.Get ready for privacy law change. What you ...

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