Investment property: law changes and tips for maximising returns

Recent tax changes will impact residential property investors. We talk to some experts for tips on how to make the most of your investment properties. What’s changing For properties acquired on or after 27 March 2021: Legislation has passed that extends the bright-line test from five years to 10 years on residential property. The Government intends for the bright-line test to remain at five ...

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Impostor syndrome: Feeling like a fraud

Many small business owners struggle with the fear that their success is down to luck rather than hard work or talent. Known as impostor syndrome, it often affects high-achievers who are goal-oriented. If you feel like a fraud, try these tips to overcome your negative inner voice. What is impostor syndrome? Impostor syndrome is a phenomenon rather than a clinical diagnosis. The ...

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Residential Rental Profit vs. Cash Flow

Ever wondered why your rental property has made a profit but you seem to have no cash to pay your tax? And, in fact, you seem to be continually topping up your rental bank account to cover the outgoings... The recent changes to residential rental property investment announced by the government in March will increase this effect. Watch the video and ...

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Now is the ideal time to check your employment agreements.

Now is the ideal time to check your employment agreements. Are your contracts up to date? (On behalf of Employment New Zealand) Following the recent minimum wage increase, now is the ideal time for you to ensure your business's employment agreements (contracts) are up to date. You can use this as an opportunity to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations and build stronger ...

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