Trade Marks: Do you own your brand?

A great brand can set your business apart from the competition. But if you haven’t taken steps to protect your name, slogan or logo, they may not be yours. Check them now with a free online tool. Why trade marks matter A trade mark protects your logo, name or brand. It could include words, logos, shapes, colours, sounds, smells or any combination ...

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Customers using Secondary Tax Codes

Some employees are using a higher tax rate, such as a secondary tax rate (ST code), to help offset tax bills based on other income they get. Law changes from 1 April 2019 mean this is no longer allowed if the income being taxed at the higher tax rate is their only source of PAYE income. If this situation affected any ...

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Government Improving Protections for Consumers and Workers when businesses fail

On Monday 4 November 2019, Minister Kris Faafoi released a statement announcing changes that will favourably affect consumers and workers of failed businesses. Changes to insolvency law announced by the Government on 4 November will include requirements to honour up to 50 per cent of the value of gift cards or vouchers held by consumers. "When a business is insolvent, these consumers ...

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Investment Income - what's changing in April 2020

From 1 April 2020, Inland Revenue is making changes that will affect investment income payers and recipients. Investment income includes interest, dividends, PIE income, taxable Maori authority distributions and royalties paid to non-residents. For payers this means More frequent reporting of investment income becomes mandatory and must be done electronically. Investment income returns will generally be due by the 20th of the ...

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