Changes to the Employment Relations Act

Some employment law changes came into effect in December 2018, and more changes are coming in May 2019. Check how they impact you.

When: 12 December 2018

What: Changes to the Employment Relations Act now in effect include the following:

  • Union representatives can now enter workplaces without consent, provided the employees are covered under, or bargaining towards, a collective agreement.
  • Pay deductions can no longer be made for partial strikes.
  • Businesses must now enter into bargaining for multi-employer collective agreements, if asked to join by a union.
  • Employees will have extended protections against discrimination on the basis of their union membership status.

What you need to do: Learn more about all the changes, including changes coming into effect on 6 May 2019.

Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2018 (external link) — Employment New Zealand