Mandatory Barcodes for customers paying over the counter at Westpac

Customers can choose to pay their taxes over the counter (OTC) using cash or EFTPOS at a Westpac branch/smartATM even if they don’t bank with Westpac. Currently OTC payments make up less than 1% of all payments.

From 1 July 2020, all OTC payments at Westpac must be accompanied by a barcode which identifies the customer, tax type and period. The barcode is a more reliable way of passing details to Westpac and will prevent payment going to the wrong place in the account, or potentially even the wrong person’s account.

Barcodes are being added to notifications where we’re requesting the customer to make a payment, but if a customer forgets to bring their barcode, they can generate one and either print off or show to Westpac staff on their phone.

There is a barcode generator on the IRD website for customers to create their own barcode.

How IRD are communicating to customers

Customers can learn about this change on IRD payments website and flyers are provided at Westpac branches.

IRD are planning direct marketing in mid-February targeting customers who pay OTC, and there may be another round of direct marketing in May, if needed.