IRD's Construction industry campaign

IRD's Construction industry campaign

IRD is undertaking a construction industry education campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to engage with those in the construction industry to ensure they’re ‘getting it right from the start’ and support them in understanding their tax obligations if they undertake cash transactions.

IRD’s customer research indicates that people are more likely to engage in hidden economy activity (e.g. cash jobs) in an environment of economic uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 environment.

IRD want to reduce the risk of this through awareness, education and compliance.

Those in the construction industry may see IRD ads online, at building sites and around hardware stores.

IRD encourage everyone to visit to find out how those in the construction industry can ensure they’re meeting their tax obligations as well as doing their bit to help rebuild New Zealand. IRD are also suggesting they contact tax agents if they need to make a voluntary disclosure.

Thank you in advance for your support in making the construction industry fair for all.